Thursday, 14 March 2013


A Jesuit robed in white.  Who dances the tango. And opens his papacy with the words 'Good evening'.  Who reads Hölderlin.  And calls himself Francis.


lilith said...

! How very groovy :-)

Calfy, for a while, started using AMDG after every sentence.

hatfield girl said...

Francis speaks of:

'La mondanità spirituale è mettere al centro sé stessi' 'Spiritual worldliness is to put self at the centre.' This is the worst thing for the Church, as bad as the libertines who dragged the Church into disrepute. And he includes in inappropriate notions of the importance of self the self-referential elites, comparing them to the philistines condemned by Christ.

Expect mass attack by the Guardianistas, indeed it has begun already.

Too long ago we used to put AMDG at the head of the left margin of our examination papers. Of course Calfy would, L, after one of her particularly fine sentences.