Monday, 4 March 2013

Excluding the Five Star Movement from Being the Opposition

It's quite obvious that a majority for a government exists in the newly-elected Italian parliament.  All the Democratic Party coalition has to do is agree a legislative programme and a division of ministries with the coalition of the People of Liberty and the government is formed.  The Five Star Movement becomes the official Opposition.  So why this pressure on the Five Stars to accept Bersani and his repellent coalition party partner Vendola?  Particularly when the People of Liberty coalition has offered from the get-go a coalition with the Democrats (terms to be negotiated).  It's not as if Five Stars is a particularly left-wing movement: eclectic, libertarian, anti-austerity, technological, innovative - all of these, but not Left.

Of course, as the official Opposition, the chairmanship of COPASIR (the parliamentary body that oversees and controls the Italian secret services and various clandestine arms of government and belongs to various EU clandestine-style bodies) passes, by law, to the Five Star Movement's nominee in the Parliament.  Now that would be unpopular with the United States of America in its major European base.  And a particularly sensitive matter when all those CIA torture rendition operatives have just been condemned to years and years in prison if they ever come here again (or even to the European Union, there are warrants out for them all over, they have confirmed jail terms to serve);  never mind all the rest that's been going on.

Might it be that all this fuss is about denying the various official roles (and powers and knowledge) enjoyed by the Opposition under Italian Parliamentary arrangements to our Five Star deputies and senators who are so very removed from, indeed immune to, the pressures and 'responsibilities' the old Party members work under?  After all, Bersani's take it or leave it Eight Point programme (what is it about Bersani, and Brown with his specious Five point programmes and tests?) can easily be enacted with Five Star support from the Opposition; it's not unheard of for Oppositions to support agreeable Government legislation.

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