Saturday, 30 March 2013

Anti-democratic Constitutional Garbage

The President of Italy has just got off the telly.  He says that the Monti government is remaining because it has never been subject to a vote of no confidence.  Monti has offered his resignation but he, Napolitano, has not accepted it.  Monti therefore retains the confidence of Parliament and can remain conducting the business of the Italian state.

Unfortunately the Parliament that voted confidence in Senator Monti no longer exists.  On 25 February 2013 we elected a new Parliament.   Senator Monti does not enjoy the confidence either of this Parliament or of the electorate (who voted him down in droves, he got less than 10% of the vote).

Napolitano is not just off the telly - there are other things he's off as well.


Weekend Yachtsman said...

Can't say I am surprised.

Don't think you are either, actually.

hatfield girl said...

You're right Yacht, I find it fascinating - I've never lived in a place where there is a dictatorial mindset -even after all these years people seem to not mind things no-one would take in England. They'll deal with this latest in unexpected ways, I imagine, but Napolitano is just making it up as he goes along. And all in his special, 'responsible' voice.

We've voted for renegotiating Europe, so there's no government. Nor will there be until we vote again. If we vote 'not this Europe' once more, which we will, who knows what Brussels will do. then.

dearieme said...

The Emperor Augustus was keen on keeping up the appearance of a Republic.

hatfield girl said...

The fastest way to deal with republican illusion is to debate the motion

"This House has no confidence in the administration of Senator Monti"

and rip away appearances, Dearieme.

It's beginning to look as if Berlusconi's coalition is going to enable just that. Monti has announced he has important European directives to impose (by executive decree of course which will stand for 90 days before lack of parliamentary approval negates it) so first thing Tuesday morning would be best.