Wednesday, 20 March 2013

How Are We Defining Wealth?

The widely accepted  heist on savings over a hundred thousand euros - it's the heist on sums lower than that which mostly  is causing the outrage - is unnerving.  Wealth taxes should be on wealth not bog standard savings.

Everyone would have their threshold for 'wealth',   but  a hundred thousand euros? You couldn't buy a studio flat in South Hatfield for a £100,000 (never mind euros.)


hovis said...

In the eyes of the tax farmers,wealth is always what other people have no matter the amount.

The assets oftax farmers are always exempt.

hatfield girl said...

I'm into olive farming H: I seem to be a tax crop though I did manage to snaffle a grant for the solar panels.

Elby the Beserk said...

Tax crop? Yup. Indeed I wrote to our MP noting that we were now all little more than ATMs for the government.

He didn't reply.

You could, however, buy a couple of properties in the Republic for under £100,000...