Friday, 1 March 2013

Democrats Abandoning Bersani Faction in Italy

Former Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema stated bluntly, on the telly last night, that if Bersani is the stumbling block to forming a stable government in Italy he must resign.  Meanwhile the Stumbling Block, the Dead who Speaks, was putting out his 'eight-point plan'  for minority government.

Limited, unstable, short term, minority government is not what we want nor is it what we voted for.   There are stable and long-term government solutions with complete political programmes available - but not to Bersani.

Which part of the injunction vaffanculo   (and not just from the Five Star electorate) does he not understand?


Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown would have struggled on in 2010, some men are impervious to the 'messages' that they are sent.

Have you ever looked close up and into the eyes of a Rhinoceros? Initially you think, that there's not a lot going on but then on holding your gaze, you realise boy - what glorious obstinate and teak fashioned obduracy - tis a wonder to behold.
Sometimes, the thought of power, turns men into beasts.

hatfield girl said...

What Bersani got wasn't just a message. Like Brown, what he got was dismissal, from the electorate. And for good reason: for 14 months he led the Democrats in a disgraceful complicity with policies that have us with nearly 40% unemployment for the under 24 year-old workforce, outrageous debt financing payments, outrageous debt, collapsing manufacturing industry, living standards of the 1980s, the impoverishment particularly of the old and the young which, with the unemployment rate, covers just about the whole population. He carried on for 14 months, unspeakable man, to earn his 'turn' as he puts it. AND he was ready to continue with Monti and his policies but we put a stop to Monti too.

I've not looked into a rhinoceros' eyes, Anon., no.

a musician said...

Brutto e stupido, yet still vain.

Anonymous said...

hatfield girl, Italy has for decades returned bent men to political office. I despair of Italian politics but I do not despair of the Italian spirit and industry - what Italy needs and what Britain needs - to be out of the stranglehold and away from the EU.
Italy must re-issue their own currency and take responsibility for its own affairs, then, mercilessly root out the corrupt practices.
It's not impossible, Beppe Grillo speaks much sense - I hope the 'brand' isn't tarnished by power.

Caronte said...

D-Alema's facilitation of a deal with Grillo conceals his true project of a broader deal including Berlusconi, with or without Grillo, at that point including also Monti, why not? Such a project is the only one consistent with placing D'Alema in high office (ministerial or higher) while Grillo in government with Bersani would sink him without trace.

A deal with Berlusconi, of course, would make the PD lose half of its electorate at the next opportun ity, but neither D'Alema (out of self interest) nor Napolitano (in the higher interest of Stability and Europe) give a damn about the PD.

Nick Drew said...

I am shocked !