Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Defenestration of Siena

The death of David Rossi, the Monte dei Paschi head of communications found on the ground beneath the window of his office at the palazzo Salimbeni yesterday has ended the propaganda push by the Bersani faction of the Democratic Party to involve the Five Stars Movement in any kind of support for a Bersani-led  government.   That death, however brought about, speaks to the intricacies of the Democratic Party's involvement in the practices at the Bank that have led to a 4 billion euro bail-out by the taxpayer.  Five Stars is absolutely justified in wanting nothing to do with the Democratic Party of Italy.

The grip of former members of the Communist Party of Italy on the Democratic Party has been played-down persistently by the media - 'pragmatic', 'former', 'reasonable', 'left of centre' ...on they go pretending that there isn't a problem with this Party.  After the ousting of Romano Prodi the problem with the Democratic Party has become the defining problem for the development of any normal left of centre party in Italy.  But the European elites will swallow anything provided their project retains support in Member States  (and even the in-house journal of the Democratic Party is called Europa).  This leads to large-scale misinterpretation of the Five Stars' attitude to forming a government for Italy. The proto-communist Democrats persist in the falsity of pretending to a government coalition with a party whose anti-Europeanism is so marked that the President of the Republic would rather exit office with no elected government formed than call upon Five Stars to form an administration and face the Parliament.

The Democratic central committee and its fellow travellers were both amazed and enraged to find that after their defeat of our attempts to cleanse the Party last November we deserted them in an election they could not fix.  They then have  tried to smear us as irresponsible and wilfully unco-operative.  In everything they say and do they reveal themselves as what they are.  Any cover has now been stripped away.   

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