Monday, 8 April 2013

1976 Is a Very Long Time Ago Mr President

The dictatorship under Napolitano continues.  The Head of State has still not made the slightest effort to appoint a prime minister to face Parliament.  The Monti 'administration' continues to issue decrees without authority to do so under this Parliament and goes as far as Brussels to receive the European Union blessing for his extra-constitutional efforts.  The group of  unconstitutional advisors continues to fulfil, as they recognise, their true function of simply wasting time.

Napolitano has just been on television exhorting us to display the 'spirit of 1976' - what spirit?  He was eulogising the 20th anniversary of the death of some old communist I'd never heard of who must have somehow distinguished himself (in doubtless particularly repellent fashion).  If it wasn't so pathetic it might be unnerving.  Immediately after his appearance Margaret Thatcher appeared on the screen in a brief resume of her political life.  What a contrast between a major politician and this  87 year old president who is unfortunately still with us.

Tomorrow Parliament is to be occupied by its MPs in a further attempt  to initiate parliamentary democratic governance.   Currently the Speaker of the Lower House is in accord with setting going the Parliamentary Committees needed to activate parliamentary process.  The former communist who is the Speaker of the Senate won't hear of it.  Perhaps the reading of the Constitution might stir his brains into recognising the position he's getting himself into.  


cuffleyburgers said...

Absolutely crazy (I was going to say undbelievable but this is the italian political class so there really is no limit to the depths they will plunge to)

It really would seem to be that they are trying to prolong the hiatus on Brussels' instructions until a suitable plan B comes along which will be some new Monti who is not Monti.

But the whole crisis management strategy (for want of a better word) has been about lurching from fuck up to fuck up, trying to buy time and to hell with the expense.

I wish some one would take them way and hang them all.

hatfield girl said...

Considering the persistence with which they all keep harking back to the last century to justify their beliefs and behaviour you'd think they'd remember piazzale Loreto, Cuffs. That's the way all authoritarians' worlds' end, not with a bang but upside down.

Mention anything good about Fascism and they're all hoity-toity morally-worally. But they believe the only disgusting event associated with communism is that they lost. They'll put it all back, with a vengeance, if they get their euro-communist way.