Saturday, 27 April 2013

One Last Heave for Napolitano

As the Italian collaborators stitch-up an administration they are, also and inevitably, creating the Opposition.  And the Opposition in Italy has constitutional roles (not that constitutional guarantees exist any more, of course, but they do have to go through the motions to obliterate them and that does take time).  Among those roles is the chair of the state broadcasting company, the RAI, and the chair of the state security commission, COPASIR.

If the Opposition is made up of more than one party then the chair is elected by a simple majority of the Opposition MPs.  The Five Stars have an enormous, absolute majority in the Opposition.  It doesn't matter that minor parties of the collaborationists are declaring themselves as part of the Opposition - Five Stars has 163 MPs.  It has been obvious since the election last February that if the Democratic Party could not split Five Stars and assimilate a large enough part of the Stellar Movement into an administration-supporting role then there was a huge threat to not just the Italian political elites. 

Accessing the files (and horrors) of COPASIR state intelligence by a political Movement based on internet and local association, entirely without party structures to act as gate-keepers to  political information and power,  would pale Wikileaks and the publication of the secret intelligence files of the German Democratic Republic into insignificance (and the GDR has been abolished, unlike Italy and its local, European, and gobal elites). 

Imagine - the state intelligence authority and the state broadcasting authority in Five Stars' irreverent hands.  Come on Giorgio Napolitano!  You're the vecchio, glorioso comunista - Italy and the world needs the smack of firm, authoritarian governance in this above all else.

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