Friday, 19 April 2013

A Prodi Presidency Would be a Disaster for Italy and Its Working People

Romano Prodi must be an unacceptable candidate for President of Italy to any Grand Elector of the real Left i.e, the Left that represents working people, not the intellectual bourgeois Left that amuses itself playing cultural politics.

The European Union's economic policies are the ruin of working people in many Member States.  These policies require internal devaluation, certainly in all those States that are inside the Eurozone and in others that are still, by their rules of accession, candidate Eurozone members.

Internal devaluation is the polite term for lowering the standard of living of working people. Specifically it targets working people rather than rentiers.  It lowers real wages, raises indirect taxes, reduces the social wage, produces unemployment as a means of labour discipline.  It is being applied across Europe.  It  makes Angels weep,  never mind the representatives of working people.  Prodi is on record as saying that the European Stability and Growth pact is "stupid", but never has he acted to limit the damage it does to working people's lives.

So why is the Democratic Party, repository of the hopes for defence against all this, supported by the organisations of the working people (even corrupted as they are by ideologies and idiocies of centuries past) trying to get an architect of working people's misery made President? 

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