Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Morality and the President of Italy

The President of Italy,  lips thrust forward in 'considered' statement, hands in preachyness, is the outward expression of his inward grace.  He has chosen to condemn those 'moral fanatics' who 'ruin politics'.

That'll be us.  Our insistence that politics should not be funded from taxes, that no parliamentarian should bear other office, that those condemned by the courts should not be eligible for election, that 'expenses' should be backed by paid receipts, that the Legislature, in Parliament should function forthwith regardless of inter-party struggle over the Executive, that Monti has no further mandate, that it is the primary task of the Head of State to nominate prime ministers until someone commands a majority in both Houses, that we do not condone last-gasp pardons for definitively convicted Americans who practice Rendition in the streets of Milan - thus undermining the Judiciary by ultra vires Executive act, our requirement that those who cannot fulfil the role of head of State should resign to make way for someone who can, that at the very least an end could come to mouthing falsity and lies in the interests of dead objectives from half a century ago; our insistence that the Head of State should not subject the interests of Italy and its people to the interests of the European Union's elites - that'll be us, the electorate and our so inconvenient morality ruining the 'politics' of  an ill-spent political life.

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