Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Heads of State: Their Failings and Their Splendours

As what looks remarkably like a works' council from Togliattigrad attempts to run Italy the country is without any form of constitutionally sanctioned government. When Elizabeth II asked David Cameron to form a government she didn't do so after five weeks of bad-tempered disbelief at what we had voted for, she didn't appoint a couple of Royal Commissions to set out answers to politico-institutional and socio-economic  problems facing the the United Kingdom and add another who knows how long to the wait for a government, she didn't whine that 'the parties have left me isolated'. She didn't hesitate:

Mr Cameron to face Parliament, Mr Brown to vacate Downing Street (and get a move on).

Nor did she visit Italy last month.  Didn't feel too well.  You wouldn't, would you?

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