Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Italy's Colonels

                                 Monti       Bersani         Berlusconi


Weekend Yachtsman said...

You missed the other four - Scheuble, Merkel, Draghi, and Lagarde.

They are the ones really in charge - if you're not careful.

hatfield girl said...

I'm in unfamiliar territory here, Yacht but Mr HG has kindly left me Curzio Malaparte's
'Tecnica del Colpo di Stato' on top of the Mac (ever thoughtful).

It's all about how to take over a modern state and subvert democracy - 200 elegantly-written pages; refused publication in Italy under Il Duce, burned in Leipsig by Hitler's men, finally published in Italy in 1948.

Well, if these dead old white men want to have a set-to using the last century as proof of the pudding, I'd better get intellectually equipped. I find Italian Left myths even harder to bear than English Left myths so Malaparte is the place to start.