Saturday, 26 September 2009

Agony Auntie Responds - from Global to Universal Powers

Agony Auntie has received a further note:

"He told me the other day that he was 'over it' and that he was now calling on a German Catholic of his acquaintance to holiday with him next year. My colleague has no real connection to this person. They have not the same religion or age, or politics. This person, who resides in Rome, is frail and elderly and does not like strenuous travel, but is very respected throughout the world.
It seems a feeble rebound attempt and is doomed to failure. Even my 'friend' was half hearted in his approach."

Mr Quango, your colleague is moving quickly into dangerous waters. He has abandoned his love for a global, temporally powerful object only to substitute for it a universal and eternal beloved.

At least the latter wears a skirt.

This driven friend has substituted age for youth as well, which suggests an unbalanced relationship with his parents and especially with his father. It is significant that his new desired is identified with certain well known prayers.

His state has moved well beyond Agony Auntie's role as advisor to those in temporary psychic pain. This is a display of identification with statuses of power and authority - ie the father - rather than an expression of love. It would be best to seek professional advice and possibly asylum or at least the undertaking of a Retreat.

It is difficult to emphasize strongly enough the dangers of dealing with his elderly German invitee from any position of weakness - moral, intellectual or emotional - all of which the 'friend' is displaying.

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