Sunday, 20 September 2009

Asking Favours of Those That We Served Poorly

There are still Gemany, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Ireland who have not deposited the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty in Rome. Presumably Germany, whose highest court ruled that the Treaty was compatible with the German Constitution provided any changes in European law and regulation that infringed German sovereignty were referred to the German parliament for specific acceptance or rejection, (precipitating law changes that have now passed in both houses of the German parliament), is getting ready to deposit the ratification. The German President has signed, the national Parliament has passed the law changes.

But then, so has Poland fulfilled every stage of the ratification process except for depositing the papers in Rome. And they haven't taken the final, depositing in Rome step either. Poland has been waiting for some time, declaring that if Ireland hasn't agreed there is no point in taking the final step. Has Germany discreetly taken a similar stance?

The Czech Republic has followed Germany's lead and is to refer the effects of the Treaty on Czech sovereignty again to the Czech Constitutional court. This has infuriated the European federalists, and led President Sarkozy to blatant threats against the Czech Republic if it doesn't get in line. The Czech ratification still requires the Czech President's signature, apart from the Rome depositing of the papers. President Klaus wishes to wait until after general elections in the United Kingdom have taken place and the UK depositing of its ratification in Rome has been affirmed by a referendum in the UK. The almost certainly incoming Conservative administration after any UK general election has stated a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty will be held if it has not already come into force. Preventing a general election in the United Kingdom has now become a policy goal of the European federalists.

The interests of the United Kindom peoples and their worsening situation under the corrupt and undemocratic governance of a regime led by a deluded unelected prime minister and a corrupt and unelected front man for post democratic EU rule is of no concern to European federalists. Mass unemplyment worsening since 2007? Irrelevant. Grotesque levels of public debt? Irrelevant. Advancing socioeconomic inequality? Irrelevant. Destruction of quite basic civil liberties? Irrelevant.

Yet every moment in which our country is being degraded, which creates indifference if not amusement among the European federalists as they watch Brown and his vainglorious claims being fed by their minions and by their leaders, raises the stakes. It won't be renegotiating the terms of the UK's relations with the EU if their propping-up of Brown and his regime overwhelms the resistance to Lisbon. Lisbon itself dictates that after Lisbon there will be no more treaties, no more terms to be negotiated. After Lisbon it is with us or against us. In or out.

For the Conservatives 'Out' provides them with opportunity to recast the United Kingdom - as it must be recast after the last dozen years of economic, social, cultural and constitutional vandalism - afresh. A proper Constitution, secure borders, a financial regime appropriate for the country's strengths and needs, entrenched liberties, self-determined relations with the rest of the world and particularly with the Commonwealth, and with affable and constructive relations with the rest of Europe. People want to vote against Labour, and they want to vote against European federalism too.

Suffering the death throes of the disgraceful Brown regime, inflicted upon us to enhance the chances of making permanent the horrors of New Labour rule, we must hope the Czechs do not think of us as a far-away country about whose inhabitants they know little, as once we did of them.

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