Sunday, 20 September 2009

London Fashion Week Wash out

Angels had hoped to look at London Fashion Week but, honestly, you'd have to wash your eyes out with soap. And what's with all the big, fat legs on the models?


Sackerson said...

Is it the anti-anorexic movement?

hatfield girl said...

There does seem to be an anti-young and beautiful movement S. It springs, I assume, from the distress caused by thickening that takes place as age advances. To argue for, and even put, aging models into the clothes designed to dress aesthetic physical perfection is to deny any status to ripeness, or glowing competence backed up with well earned muscle.

Once we were all seventeen, wraithe-like and palely perfect in a certain mode. Now we are battle-scarred and beautiful in another mode. But there is no point in pretending that clothes for 17 year old beauty can be made to encompass another aesthetic.