Thursday, 17 September 2009

What Further Damage Can Brown Inflict?

U.S. officials have declared that many of Mr. Obama's aides are put off by Mr. Brown's hectoring tone. President Obama has used words such as 'depressing' ' lacklustre' 'dour'. Brown's role in the release of the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing is regarded as duplicitous; his attempts to distance himself from responsibility in the decisions taken as irresponsible of themselves - if he wasn't involved he should have made it his business to be involved in a matter so important to the United Kingdom's foreign relations. (this morning's WSJ).

Yet the UK has put up 1.3 trillion pounds in the multinational effort to avert the collapse of the banking system. We are indebted for generations to buy this man a place at G20 meetings and indulge his delusions about his role in the world. In contrast, for example, Italy has put up only between .05% and .08% of GDP depending on whether automatic stabilisers are included in the calculation and Italy is doing far better in the recession -at least FIAT took over Chrysler rather than sat and watched as the future of their car industry was disposed of between the German government and GM, as the Vauxhall workers have had to do.

Brown is unfit to go to the G20 in Pittsburgh. What will he be bamboozled into handing over next by the other countries who only accept his boorishness and hubris because they have him down as a mark ?


Scrobs... said...

..."What will he be bamboozled into handing over next"... there's not much left unfortunatly Hats...

BTW, have you read Vernon Coleman's book 'England our England'?

It's the first time I've read anything like that, but perhaps I'm being a bit simple/or late in hearing about it!

hatfield girl said...

Haven't read it Scrobs; I've been reading conference papers since the summer ended. The Rome shindig on comparing responses to the financial crisis, last week was an eyeopener. Brown's to provide the coat (at our expense) and everyone else rides about on the tails, or Brown will be ignored. Bit like Heath paying anything, anything to get into the Common Market all over again. All this destruction so he can be patted on the head and told he's a clever boy.

I visualise the petty apparatchiks competing by status for the free weekends. 'Whose up for Rome, 3 days, 5 star?' "Helsinki end of week and add on the weekend with squeeze, 5 star?' 'Berlin mid October, mid weekish, not sure about stars'. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

electro-kevin said...

Of the Lockerbie fiasco:

Doubt-less we'll get the worst of both worlds. Ruined 'special relationship' (if ever there was one) and the forgoing of any profiteering in Libya in a futile act of atonement.