Sunday, 27 September 2009

Merkel to Have a Comfortable Centre Right Majority According to German Election Exit Polls

The first exit polls in the German elections are giving an absolute majority for the centre right tripartite coalition. The CDU seems to have lost some votes but the FDP is polling its highest ever (15%) which confirms the suggestion that votes were being lost by the CDU to the FDP because of voters' dissatisfaction with the compromises to the left that the Chancellor was having to make under the grand coalition.

The shift in European politics is going to be marked now, both within member states and internationally; with German distaste for interference in its responses to the financial collapse (experienced so much more sharply in the United States and the United Kingdom) and the rejection of so-called 'global governance' solutions that were pushed at the Detroit G20 registering significantly. There will be a marked lack of interest in any G20-rules-the-world solutions or permanent secretariats either.

The German elections have just slapped down post democratic governance quite hard. And half-baked new keynesian economics.


Neville Chamberlin said...

Normally people should be wary of right wing Germans. The idea that they may help to stop the communists has been tested to destruction.

hatfield girl said...

The idea of communism has been tested to destruction, Neville. We thought the communists and socialists had been destroyed too, but they're leering at our happiness and wealth again. And assaulting democracy.

Blue Eyes said...

It's interesting that the FDP are painted as "right wing" when in fact they are classical liberals. It's interesting that the Nazis are always portrayed as "right wing" when in fact their name and activities suggested a rather more leftist stance.

Lefties are given far too easy a ride when describing all people they don't like as Right Wing.

hatfield girl said...

The Fascists had a decidely state authoritarian, you will be told smack to them as well Blue.

The problem lies in the Labour rump believing that Labour is or ever has been left wing. Every one of their social reform claims was in fact instigated, ideated, by Liberals and Conservatives, who carried their ideas through to fruition over decades, not just put up the first project. Even the National Health Service had been in existence with insurance funded locally controlled boards for decades before Bevan turned it into a centrally planned monolith in the middle of a capitalist economy by bribing the medics. The damage the FORM the NHS took under socialism is still being felt today both to health provision and the economy more widely. The same is true for state-funded education, only poor provision in that field leads to death of the soul rather than more immediately visible death.

The Labour party has more in common with its zombie banks or zombie international institutions like the United Nations than with a fair society offering equal opportunity for all.

Even the words 'democratic' 'free' and 'liberal' have been hi-jacked by socialist frontmen and wimmin.

Elby the Beserk said...

"progressive", also, HG. Newspeak. An abomination, the corruption of language.