Thursday, 19 February 2009

Brown Sinks Further into Delusion and Ill-Manners

"For the moment, no travel by Benedict XVI to the United Kingdom is scheduled or under consideration," Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman.

"There isn't a date in the diary – we just made the invitation a few hours ago. But they are definitely looking at it," Downing Street (reported by the Telegraph).

Brown forces legislation through the United Kingdom legislature to encourage crossing human beings with other creatures, then killing the resultant chimera embryos, and thinks to invite the Pope on a trip to the scene of his infamy?

'Definitely looking at it' with distaste, at a guess. Or even a view to excommunicating the country, again, if that's possible.


godless said...

BROWN INVITES POPE TO LONDON is splashed all over the Evening Standard news boards tonight.

I wonder if POPE TURNS BROWN DOWN will be up soon too.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"But they are definitely looking at it," Downing Street
Has the desperate air of someone trying to encourage people to come to an unpopular party.

hatfield girl said...

'Well, good bye, now",

'Thank you so much for everything. You must come and see us next time'

"Of course. Have a safe journey.'

And the silly numpty tells his poor staff the Pope has accepted an invitation and only the date has to be fixed. He just doesn't understand words at all does he? Or his position relative to that of Benedict XVI (who was, furthermore, elected to his power and authority).

Did he really think the Church will 'move on' from the socio-ethical policies driven by New Labour? And by him personally.