Friday, 6 February 2009

New Openings for 'British' Workers

The Leader of New Labour and Saviour of the World has a real time opportunity to provide employment for hard-working families during the global downturn that started in America.

In a neat solution to tackling the effects of global warming and at the same time resolving the opposition to rendition and anonymous detention without charge for months or even years on end, salt mines throughout the United Kingdom are to be reopened. Importing salt from mines in the former Soviet Union will be avoided. Those hardworking families who fail to express a high enough level of admiration and support for the Leader and his regime cronies, or engage in actual criticism, can be re-educated and gainfully employed in a tried and tested indigenous environment for the recovery of a correct attitude to the state and its goodness.

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it's either banned or compulsory said...

Upon arrival at the Cheshire Gulag those hard-working families will find the skeletal remains of former Local Authority Managers exposed as Climate Change denying paedophiles; they condemned themselves by anti-democratically and inappropriately calling for an increase in the stockpiles of rock-salt.