Sunday, 22 February 2009

Occupation of the BBC Denied Coverage By BBC Management

The BBC's main building in Scotland was occupied by demonstrators but BBC Scotland reporters were asked to stay inside the newsroom while the protest was under way.

'BBC Scotland journalists were initially asked not to film the demonstrators. When one member of staff did shoot footage on a hand-held camera, they were asked not to upload the film onto the BBC's computers, where it could be accessed by other parts of the corporation.' (Sunday Herald).

Peter Murray, deputy leader of the National Union of Journalists' BBC Scotland branch, said:

"BBC management claimed the decision not to film was made in an attempt to stop others from copying the protesters and to prevent other groups from trying to occupy the BBC Scotland building in the future."

Or the occupation of other BBC buildings throughout the United Kingdom when official censorship and the misrepresentation of reality reaches demonstration-tipping levels, presumably.

(The demonstration, last month, was over the refusal by the BBC to broadcast an appeal for humanitarian assistance to Gaza).


lilith said...

By what right do they do this?

hatfield girl said...

Not right, L. Force.

Nomad said...

In the middle of a stream of one-liner summaries about events in different parts of the world, Gaza, Korea, Columbia etc, the smoothy Alastair Yates, one of the the Beeb's World tv service news preseneters, slipped in one about an investigation into "opposition Tory financier Lord Ashcroft's finances", but with no further explanation of why or who he is. I wonder why they would do that and not mention Jacqui's domestic financial arrangements in the same breath? And moreover of what possible interest is that to an international audience?

[I believe the word "hoons" goes in here].

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I do try to ignore the BBC, clearly the righteous were confused about how to react to the BNP win in Kent, it was not mentioned on BBC Radio 2 or 4 but was front page shock headline in The Independent.