Sunday, 15 February 2009

Publish Gordon Brown's Annual Health Check and Medication

'It is U.S. tradition for sitting presidents to make public the results of their annual health exams.' (Wikinews)

Every year the annual health check on the United States president is published. Even minor recommendations are set out. In 2005, for instance, it was suggested that President George W. Bush would benefit from using sunscreen but was otherwise in excellent health, as was attested in great detail.

It is time that Gordon Brown, as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, had his most recent health exam published, and all recommended medication set out clearly for the electorate to see, as well as an account of his condition. We know the precise health condition of the President of the United States but for our own prime minister, of whose health and medication there has been considerable and longstanding concern, we are kept in ignorance.


Raedwald said...

I'm on two minds on this one, HG.

Yes, Gordon is clearly not a well man in mind or body and this is being hidden from us. But we know, anyway.

Ill-health was the get-out that allowed Macmillan to retire with dignity in 1963 in the wake of Profumo; if his ruddy good health was a matter of public record this escape route would not have been available.

Nick Drew said...

generated all manner of heat & light when I opened up a thread on this, HG ...

Caronte said...

After all, Mussolini apparently was so proud of his health record, especially when he succeeded at last to test negative for syphilis (the Wasserman test), that he wanted to make a public announcement.

He had to be persuaded that he should not attract attention to his earlier unsuccessful attempts.

Maybe Gordon Brown should test for Dementia and the Evil Eye.