Tuesday, 10 February 2009

London Transports

Contrary to economic theory umbrellas do not cost any more when it rains than when it is sunny: 5 euros/pounds is clearly the umbrella natural price, although umbrellas are the typical contingent good, whose utility varies with the state of the world.

I confess I bought a pretty pink umbrella lined with pale yellow silk and embroidered with tiny golden stars in the shop opposite the British Museum, which didn't cost that, but after the brownian weather of the last month I would buy a sedan chair if the place offered them. What's with the rickshaws? Sedans are what is needed for London.


it's either banned or compulsory said...

On yer bike

hatfield girl said...

Watching people sliding about, bikes and all, a few days ago, was a lesson in responsible local authority action, Banned. Camden didn't start clearing pavements and shopping centre for 24 hours. By which time no doubt UCH was full of people with broken bones and concussion.

My bike was removed from the entrance hall, together with the rather fine georgian banister to which it had been tethered, since when I have gone by bus, preferably upstairs at the front so it looks as if we are going to take out the first floor of every corner building.

lilith said...

I am sorry about your bike and excited by the umbrella. Kev is taking a break because he has a busy life, a lovely wife and too much blogging can cause some strife. A bit like this which made Elby and I laugh and laugh because it can be like that here..