Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Dressing Angels

Just looking at the clothes on offer at London Fashion Week is distressing. Clumsy outlines, floral prints, stripes, cruel colours, tight denim, chopped up body images, cheap effects from cheap materials and displays of poor couture and dress-making skills.

This frightening melange of lack of imagination and rejection of the beautiful for the humdrum was only too wearable and, regrettably, worn. Knee socks in stretch-patterned nylon, blanket coats suitable for Sarah Brown, occasion wear for social workers. No pictures, nul points.


Bill Quango MP said...

There does appear to be an awful lot of Mary Quant/Twiggy in there.
Knee high plastic boots.

There was supposed to be a strong MadMen look going on. This is swinging sixties not style sixties.
Some of the stuff looks identical to the last show I went to which was 04 or 05. Are things coming round so quickly already

it's either banned or compulsory said...

And this is what Sarah is asking Boris and The Queen to support ?

hatfield girl said...

There is a complicated effect poisoning its way through our society, and it shows up strongly in clothes and adornment. If we deny extensive knowledge of what has been worked on in the past, and ways of doing things and the reasons for them, and masters' solutions to puzzles and problems; if we pretend that creativity is energy but not learning as well, we keep inventing wheels and nylon knee socks.

If we narrow the educational base to the impoverished requirements of the minimum necessary to function at all, dismiss whole schools of thought and learning as irrelevant or, worse, elitist, and keep this up for generation after generation (and we're well into the second generation now), we don't get change for the better and the growth of culture. We get provincialism, clumsiness, ugliness. And we get all the side effects of lies and denial and aggression towards the beautiful and the best.

We get London Fashion Week too.

Neither the Queen nor the Mayor can be accused of knowing nothing of the beautiful.

Sarah Brown, though, would like lots of these clothes - she wears the mass-produced versions, and to promote their horridness. Her husband is prime mover in the ending of excellence - so discriminatory, so revolutionary, so disturbing of acceptance of the mean.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

But are these fashions " sustainable " which is what we are told we are now demanding ?
"19 February 2009:
The Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (PDF 320 KB), published today"
Brought to you by DEFRA ( I thought they did farms n stuff ? )