Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Jowell's 'Husband' Found Guilty of Corruption

Antonio Di Pietro, leader of Italia dei Valori, says it straight:

"Se Mills è stato condannato in quanto 'corrotto' significa che abbiamo un corrotto, ma anche un corruttore." If Mills is guilty of corruption then it means we have someone corrupt. But also that we have a corrupter.

We have also a need to know where that $600,000 - the sum Mills was paid to corrupt his evidence to an Italian court - was taken to, what means were used to get it there, and who was involved in facilitating the transfer of the proceeds of corruption.


Mills still says he didn't do it, despite his conviction. He says it was a big boy who ran away. Well, he might be right in there being a bigger boy who ran away involved.


Caronte said...

On average it takes 11 years for a trial to reach its final decision in Italy. Italy ranks 104 in the world for speed of justice. Justice delayed, justice denied. Mr Mills will be able to drink thousands of bottles of port before being brought to justice, if ever. He does not look too healthy, anyway.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

That will be the Mills dumped by Tessa Jowell in an attempt to save her political skin ?
" She became a social worker and eventually administrator of the mental health charity Mind. In 1978 she was Labour Party candidate in a by-election in Ilford North but lost Labour's majority to the Conservatives.
Elected as MP for Dulwich at the 1992 general election, she was successively appointed as an opposition spokesperson on health, an opposition whip and spokesperson on women before returning to the shadow health team in 1996."

Never done a real job then ?

voting record
Voted against a transparent Parliament.
Voted for introducing a smoking ban.
Voted for introducing ID cards.
Voted for introducing foundation hospitals.
Voted for introducing student top-up fees.
Voted for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
Voted for the Iraq war.
Voted against investigating the Iraq war.
Voted for replacing Trident.
Voted for the hunting ban.
Voted for equal gay rights.
Voted to continue closing Post Offices.

"In Gordon Brown's reshuffle in June 2007 Jowell was demoted from her position as Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. She retained her Olympics portfolio and was also appointed Paymaster General and Minister for London, being allowed to attend the cabinet, but not as a full member. She was further demoted on 3 October 2008, losing her Minister for London role and only being allowed to attend cabinet when her responsibility is on the agenda, as opposed to always attending.
I suppose she has to wait outside in the corridor like a naughty schoolgirl.

Silly cow is demanding that men and women compete on an even basis at the 2012 Olympics; great, let's see men fighting women in the wrestling and boxing arenas, should be fun.

Nick Drew said...

he has certainly been offering a lot of port to a lot of port-drinkers

but he's not as welcome in those circles as once he was

not for want of trying, though