Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Away With the Fairies

The unreality is confirmed. The budget was presented more like a Queen's Speech embodying the pomp of the Queen in Parliament, than as a working document - a complete and honest report on the country's economy and finances and proposals for the coming period and its vicissitudes.

The figures were manufactured, as we know from comparison with a timely set issued by the IMF. The proposals for dealing with the United Kingdom's collapse were meagre, to say the least, and spoke to very few of the heads normally covered in the budget. Even the labour-swipe at the 'rich' was half-hearted and obviously not deliverable.

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats were horrified by what was so casually laid bare by a careless Chancellor egged on by a mannerless Prime Minister giving his usual vulgar body-language solo as others spoke. Indeed the body-language said 'why are you wasting my time in this fools' theatre of the absurd when I must be where real decisions about real power are taken by those who matter'. It is as if the seriousness of the economic situation is only as real (or in the Prime Minister's understanding, unreal) as the validity of the United Kingdom as definer of its parameters.

Gordon Brown is so mad, so in thrall to (or enthralled by) his 'global' vision that he quite literally does not see what he has done to our country.


Scrobs said...

Hats, having scanned every headline worth reading this morning, you're spot on!

Gordon's twitching really is a problem for him, he is not in control of several bits of his person.

Odin's Raven said...

Brown really seems to be going nuts. His weird U tube video focused attention on his bizarre mannerisms and his manic smiling. How much longer will it be before terrified mothers drag their children away when he tries another photo opportunity at a school?