Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Votes of No Confidence First in the House and then in the Country

The Labour vote is collapsing completely. Despite the lying expensive pomposity of the G20 meeting the latest poll shows an increase in Conservative support. If New Labour cannot rise a single point after spending so much taxpayers' money on a Labour propaganda campaign, we have proof positive that New Labour cannot shift the desire to have an end to this appalling regime.

Either we are in the first years of an authoritarian dictatorship or the last months of an illicit, undemocratic government profiteering while it can from clinging to office.

There is nothing this government can do but damage our economy, our living standards, our lives, further. A self-seeking rump of Labour clients is dug in denying democracy. The last western European socialist party to reach these levels of corruption in office and despicable governance was under Bettino Craxi in Italy; he died in criminalised exile in North Africa while the Socialist Party of Italy disappeared without trace into the far reaches of political grouplets.

The centre left in the United Kingdom must either move to drive the New Labour cabal from dominance of their party, and from office; or accept 'post democratic progressive governance' (as fascism has renamed itself) and betray their souls. They might be surprised at the renaissance of support around the centre left that two determined votes - on a matter of substance and then, a vote of no confidence, in the House of Commons, precipitating a general election, would bring them.

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