Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Taxation and its Expenditure and Redistribution Comes After a General Elelction

This repugnant letter appears in today's Guardian.

'We write to highlight personal tax avoidance [what sane person would volunteer to pay tax to a violent, brutal, incompetent, bully, ed.] by some of the wealthiest in our country, [many of the poorest no longer being nimble enough on their tax feet to avoid Brown doubling their tax rate, ed.] and to urge the chancellor to take action to close in on personal tax avoidance [what intrusive, impertinent attacks on private individuals and families might be being invited here?, ed.] in the budget [which might divert attention from the utter ruin of the country's finances brought about by Gordon Brown, his immediate (and seriously under-eqipped, both intellectually and technically) advisors, and the highwaymen of the fabian/do-gooding/why do you want to look after your own family the permanent governance by New Labour New Dawn will do that for you, signatories of this corporatist letter, ed.]. Over 15 times as much is lost through tax avoidance [of course we're not going to volunteer our money, ed.] at the top than to benefit fraud [which is a crime. Equating it with hanging on to your hard-earned cash is a wicked elision of law-breaking by benefit theft, and self-defence by assaulted working people against rapacious, permanent anti-democratic 'progressive governance', ed.] at the bottom. If those at the top choose not to pay their fair share [we pay, we pay reasonably amiably, certainly generously, but not to support the world and his wife who won't (or can't because of their pig-awful state education) go to work. Not the people New Labour has thrown into unemployment because of Brown's ill-judged alliance with institutional and state looting, but the life-style choice lazies, ed.] it has grave consequences for everyone. It robs our society of the funds that could end child poverty [rubbish, children are poor because of the enormous tax burden that removes almost 45% of wages before you even get home. Leave us our wages and we won't need other people's money, ed.] or the money needed to increase welfare benefits and help alleviate the conditions which drive the most vulnerable to commit things such as benefit fraud in the first place [going to work would be a better antidote. And if 11 years of 'state education' leaves 40% of the population functionally illiterate and innumerate, perhaps they could get on with at least learning to read, write and add up while they are living on our unavoidable taxes so they could be useful in the workplace or, even, set up a business other than welfare claiming, ed.]

We call on the chancellor to close in on tax avoidance, close in on tax loopholes [Not paying what you do not owe and are not required to yield is perfectly proper. If the individual wishes to make charitable donations that is theirs to choose, and could be encouraged and enhanced by a friendlier tax regime, ed.] and deliver greater tax justice. [what has tax justice to do with taxpayers being required by some secondary level of governance, to hand over to New Labour! (of all corrupt, corporatist, fascistic, authoritarian regimes) more than is required of them legally? If the electorate feels that tax is unjustly unredistributive enough, then put it to the voters, call a general election, go on! Call a general election so that at least we don't have to put up with an unelected prime minister, and we can decide democratically what is a just tax burden, ed.] Measures could include: abolishing the domicile rule; abolishing tax havens; [what do you want? To shut down member-states of the European Union who have rational inheritance taxes that ensure that family wealth is spent on maintaining the family, ed.] taxing investment income equally to income earned through labour; [how can people work after the appalling cheat they suffer from New Labour's 'education' system? Nowhere else in Europe do schools return 11 years' work with zero achievement for 40% of the school age population. There are no excuses. It is a producer-serving system delivered by public sector unions in cahoots with the Labour party and its regime, dependent on the recirculation of taxpayers' money through the public sector unions and into their maw to maintain themselves in power, ed.] introducing a new wealth tax for all those earning over £250,000; [why that sum? Sufficiently high to appeal to the politics of an envy-driven New Labour rump? But not beyond the dreams of avarice? You really are vile in pretending that quarter of a million devalued pounds a year is some kind of immoral nirvana. Any dwelling in a reasonable part of England costs more than £250,000. Your 'no more boom and bust' fraud of a Leader degraded our world to make such a sum the norm for the merely comfortably off, who could pay their taxes but still save their families from state monolith provider institutions, ed.] introducing a new tax on bonuses; adopting a general anti-avoidance rule; [what's that mean? If we don't go like lambs to the slaughter we are criminals just like the rest of any of your client state that is lying about its need or its 'rights'?, ed.] removing secrecy from all British-controlled tax havens and increasing the number of tax inspectors to allow more thorough investigation. [That would get the unemployment figures down a bit except for the unfortunate inability to add up and subtract on the part of your state's graduates, ed.]'

The mind set displayed in this contemptible letter belongs to a world as mythical as all the other Labour myths. There are no wicked capitalists stealing the wages of the virtuous labouring poor. There are utterly corrupt, self-seeking politicians doing so though.

'It is time to close in on tax avoiders [and extend the range of the surveillance state, ed.] recoup public money [no, hard-earned individuals' private income, ed.] and ensure everyone in society pays their fair share [which would be a lot less than is mulcted from us now, ed.]- we urge the government to act. [Absolutely, so do we. CALL A GENERAL ELECTION, AND WE CAN ALL EXPRESS OUR OPINION].'

Signed by: Professor David Byrne, Jon Cruddas MP, Gavin Hayes, Neal Lawson Compass, Sunder Katwala Fabian Society, Professor Ruth Lister, Richard Murphy, Guy Palmer The Poverty Site, Ann Pettifor Advocacy International, Nancy Platts Labour PPC Brighton Pavilion, Howard Reed, Dr Sally Ruane, Clifford Singer The Other TaxPayers' Alliance, Wes Streeting NUS, Chuka Umunna Labour PPC Streatham


Anonymous said...

Signed by, in other words, all the usual suspects - many of them employed by fake charities funded by the state to shill for New Labour.

Is this a kite-flying exercise for the budget, maybe?

Nomad said...

HG: Simply send your post as is to the Guardian as a response - and see if they print it!

I agree with Anon that this sounds suspiciously like a softening up, kite flying exercise which Brown/Darling can refer to as responding to and/or fulfilling the wishes of the public when they introduce the appropriate legislation.

hatfield girl said...

It's worse than that, Nomad. They're going to have to sell off things - what is left of the family silver.

I would be surprised if roads continued to be free to drive on. Then there is the destruction of the green belts. Most of the former Empire bases were long-leased out decades ago under Wilson but there may be one or two to bring in funds, particularly those that lend spurious legitimacy to claims on distant natural resources.

What else is left? Tertiary education sector and spin-off research capacities (but the best are well-defended).

Nope, it's got to be the middle-range private sector workers, their savings, their pensions. After all - they're indefensibly privileged, unjustly rewarded for their success in caring for their families and bringing up their children decently.

How else can New Labour go to the IMF yet fend off IMF rescue terms?

Odin's Raven said...

Welcome to the Third World, where only supporters of the government can survive.