Thursday, 2 April 2009

Brown's Nemesis

The Queen's pleasure and lively interest in meeting President and Mrs Obama is worlds away from the fawning, sycophancy (or should that be psychophancy?) of the Leader and Saviour of the World displayed in ridiculous podium and flag-bedecked pomposity.

Prince Philip asked President Obama how he had managed to stay awake during his gruelling schedule.

The President of the United States:

'I've had breakfast with the Prime Minister, meetings with the Chinese, the Russians, David Cameron, and I'm proud to say I didn't nod off.'

The Duke of Edinburgh:

'Can you tell the difference between them?'

So they are not where power lies, then. At least for the interests of the United Kingdom. Earlier the Head of State had received the Prime Minister of Australia, and the Prime Minister of Canada. In the last few days she has spoken with the Governor of the Bank of England, and the Chief of the Defence Staff. At least we can be sure that she understands what is going on in our sad country.

And all in that lovely room. Good thing the infinitely desirable parrots on the mantelpiece can't speak.

And why does our Head of State bring to mind Miss Marple?


Elby the Beserk said...

My maternal Grandmother had a rooster in a very similar mode to the parrot. Sadly, not mine, when she died :-(

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of something I meant to ask when you posted a pic of Brenda with Mervyn King last week.

Since when did one shake hands with The Queen?

hatfield girl said...

It's quite usual isn't it? On an informal occasion?

Calfy said...

I reckon so, quite a few of my friends have met the Queen and they all shook her hand.
There was a pompous boy at my college who, when I met him, backed away from my hand disgustedly saying "Good God no, I never shake a woman's hand, it's just not done is doesn't want to fawn over women like the French, that's all hideously repulsive."

idle said...

I would love to have heard what the Greek had to say about Michelle after the Obamas left. She appeared to be about four inches taller than him.

When I met Her Maj she was in her Landrover and I was on her 9 hole golf course at Balmoral. Luckily I retained my composure, removed my headgear, and made no attempt to proffer my hand through the car window.

Nomad said...

Why does HM feel the need to have a handbag on her arm in her own sitting room? What's so important therein that the bag can't be put on a side table for a few minutes?

And yes, it is quite normal for handshakes in these circumstances. (My right hand has not been washed for the past 15 years!)

Bill Quango MP said...

From a female perspective, what sort of excuses should President Obama be using when Mr Brown telephones him each day for the next few weeks.

"Hi,listen I've got tickets to the Euro summit in November.. want to come?"

"Hi, I'll be in Washington for some reason next week.Just thought I might pop round and we could for a drink or something"

Should Obama let him down gently, just stay friends or give him the brutally honest truth?

Any favourites from your escape lists?

hatfield girl said...

The President tried the "Oh it's you; come in. You won't mind if I eat my lunch while you say what it is, will you. Gosh, how lovely, thank you, ummmm have a video, have all of these. You might have seen them but classics are always worth another look. Sorry, have to see the local scout troop, can you find your way out? Lovely to see you.'

What is left?

While a guest in our country the President behaved impeccably - infinitely courteous and ever smilingly ready to fall in with the host's plans. Bu the tenor of their acquaintance was set in Washington. He will make no more visits and should Brown presume again he won't even get through the door. All duty to continuity of government and hangovers from the previous administration's November commitments are discharged. With the added irritation that nothing more than that has been achieved.

Meeting the Queen made it worth the side trip to London - as there are the NATO and the Prague EU summits to attend in Europe.

Nothing can be done to deter a love-sick suitor from making an ongoing fool of himself. Not even seeing your heart's desire laughing with the President of Russia on the front page of the Times.

hatfield girl said...

Nomad, I've always thought she has a pearl-handled pistol. It would have made a difference had Sophie been able to defend her Archduke, and doubtless they were cousins (if removed) of the Queen, and their unpreparedness offered as a lesson in the family.

hatfield girl said...

Quite right Idle. It's impossible to shake hands through a landrover window, more a hands up than a hand shake. Which will be why she didn't offer.

Raedwald said...

I remember at a wedding when a perfectly mannered county solicitor held out his hand to another guest, an earl. Whom I shall not name, for he was quite ancient then and from another age. The earl stared in confusion at the outstretched hand as if it were an alien form of life, wondering perhaps what it would do. After an interminable few seconds, the lawyer retracted his hand and they chatted amiably for a few minutes, the earls hands remaining clasped behind his back.

The Queen, of course, is far more middle class than the nobility she heads and has no such qualms about hand shaking.

I also remember a young artillery officer from an undistinguished family, a family not even entitled to bear arms, try to ape his betters by refusing a handshake, only to be left trouserless and covered in milk and flour by the rest of us at the end of the evening.

The earl knew no different. The subaltern needed putting in his place.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"The Duke of Edinburgh:
'Can you tell the difference between them ?' "
I was expecting OUTRAGE about that one but the Righteous seemed to miss it.

Following which The Duke gave a magnificent Royal flick of the wrist to urge the First Couple to attend to the needs of the press.

I remain A Loyal Subject of Her Majesty and decline to recognise my supposed status of 'citizen' of the EU, or anywhere else.

Nick Drew said...


like it

Filth Resister said...

I think I saw the Duke's remark ('Can you tell the difference') being described as a gaffe. Now, reading what he actually said, I see it was a remarkably intelligent comment. Can you tell the difference between Brown and Cameron? Can you tell the difference between Brown and the Communist dictatorship in China, and the authoritarian dictatorship in Russia?
It was a very clear put-down of Brown and probably of Cameron too, with an implicit recognition that President Obama is a different class of being from the Neo Labour filth we have to put up with on this benighted isle.