Friday, 17 April 2009

Mr Tomlinson Died From Internal Bleeding, Not From a Heart Attack

Walking home from work on the day Gordon Brown staged a huge demonstration to assert his status as Saviour of the World, Ian Tomlinson was harried, beaten and shoved to the ground by police officers over a period of almost an hour in a series of incidents. He was uninvolved in Gordon Brown's demonstration or in the counter-demonstrations that rejected the message Brown was trying to impart.

The last assault has led to a police officer being cautioned and, the Telegraph reports, 'facing a manslaughter charge.'

None of this need have happened if Brown were a normal human being, let alone a normal politician, rather than a desperate, unelected and deeply unpopular Party Leader attempting to use the power of the state to bolster his standing abroad and in the country. In this he failed utterly. And as scandal after scandal unrolls before our gaze we note further that the man was prepared to risk the injury and death, in central London, of innocent working people, for personal profit.


godless said...

can the previous now at least thrice discredited pathologist, and whoever decided to appoint him for the first post-mortem, also now be prosecuted?

hatfield girl said...

If the family are being advised and cared for by Inquest, then I expect whatever can be done will be done, G.

If ever there was need to show the importance of all of Inquest's campaigns for proper investigation of all deaths in custody or in confrontational circumstances, this is it.


INternal polic investigations ans inquests in Britain are a thinly disguised vehicle to clean up the state's interests.
The cop was only cautioned? Well, I suppose it's better than an ASBO.Slightly.

Narthen Narthen said...

If the reports are correct, Mr Tomlinson was knocked down and beaten and then soon afterwards filmed being beaten and knoced down again.
I'm very much afraid that the one policeman who was filmed attacking him will now be a scapegoat. There were plenty of police witnesses to the second assault who did nothing, and presumably there were police witnesses to the first. Will these people come forward to identify the officers who carried out the first assault (or assaults)? Of course they won't. This is not good enough.
I remember reading once someone saying that the Mexican police could not be reformed. The only solution was to disband the entire organisation and begin again. Is this true of the Met as well?

hatfield girl said...

Uber, I was hoping the organisation Inquest might be involved, not just the inquest itself. I agree there seems to be a problem with the way inquests are carried out and sometimes what there real purpose is.

There are coroners who are valiant in standing up to pressure though - the man investigating the deaths of soldiers in Iraq was doing a terrific job.

A police officer is being questioned under caution, according to the papers. NN must be right that just one officer can't be wholly responsible in this.

electro-kevin said...

Those Dixon of Dock Green days ? A bit of a fantasy I'm afraid. Though in those days at least they pretended to be on the general publics' side and not frighteningly impartial between the victim and perp.

Coppers being a bit rough and ready was ever thus.

Personally I'm glad they've got a bit of spunk left in them - let's hope we can bring them back on side. Because when they were doing this to Brixton rioters and Poll Tax demonstrators the likes of us weren't complaining.

Franky the foul mouthed gobby cow we saw getting a slap was only getting what should have been done to her years ago - else she would never have become a state dependant drug addict. And what of a whack round the legs and being told to sod off ???

She'd just shoved a copper on public order duty for heaven's sake ...

... what did she expect ? For that matter what would you expect of the police in any country ?

hatfield girl said...

Even by post Dixon of Dock Green days, which are before all our times, the police did not used to respond as they are responding now, E-K. There seems to be an order to behave in a specific way regardless of what the people are doing. Regardless. The point of these tactics is not to maintain the peace, or ensure public order, it is to frighten people from publicly expressing their feelings about regime-organised demonstrations.

These are always heightened in your face situations. They shouldn't be engineered in the first place. There was no justification except personal aggrandizement for Brown to be demonstrating through central London with his vile crew of globalist authoritarians.

Perhaps the police officers might like to think about who they want to defend from whom here. Whose side they're on.

electro-kevin said...

I'd wager there is far more footage of protesters being beastly to coppers which has not been shown. They are not - contrary to popular belief - paid to be sworn at, spat at, ignored or shoved around.

In Dixon of Dock Green's days kids were regularly subject to arbitary police violence - any old timer will tell you this and add "Then he'd take you home and your dad would do the same."(I come from a police family.) Notorious local villains were regularly fitted up (occupational hazard, guv.) And confessions were lovingly extracted by DCs in police cells. This was common throughout the '70s (Life on Mars is loved by old coppers for its accuracy) and started to tail off in the '80s when I joined.

My - how much better things are now. Hardly any crime in Britain at all ! We all feel much safer.

A Prime Minister should be able to organise summits when he feels like it, self aggrandizement or not. Mob rule cannot be allowed to determine whether or not.

I live in hope. I want to see much more of this type of policing demonstrated on sink estates and in 'no go' areas. (Which didn't exist in the old days either)

(I detest Brown btw)

hatfield girl said...

'getting a slap was only getting what should have been done to her years ago - else she would never have become a state dependant drug addict. And what of a whack round the legs and being told to sod off ???'

Thank you for your comments E-K.

I tried suggesting I might not agree. You insist.

'I want to see much more of this type of policing demonstrated on sink estates and in 'no go' areas.'

Bye now.