Friday, 3 April 2009


"I think a new world order is emerging with the foundation of a new progressive era of international co-operation", said the Saviour of the World.

One trillion dollars is promised to the International Monetary Fund and, in turn, to countries threatened by the recession. Yesterday 'Lord' Mandelson spoke of de-stigmatising (meaning denying the shame and loss of sovereignty inherent in) recourse to the IMF by a country threatened with economic and financial collapse. And the Prime Minister has 'made it clear' that he did not (though where he stands on 'does' is unclear) intend to apply for funds for 'Britain'.

So that's all right then. We aren't faced with drastic cuts in public expenditure and big tax rises. Unless they are imposed by the de-stigmatised IMF. Then it wouldn't be Brown's fault. It would be the big boy of global governance and the new world order that did it and ran away.


Elby the Beserk said...

Think you'll enjoy this, HG :-)

Oh do be quiet!

hatfield girl said...

Thank you E. I rarely say anything about Italian politics (guest etc.) but I watched the two political conventions last week with interest. The dousing of the Flame of Fascism (quite extraordinary, they carried it in flickering nervously) on stage by Gianfranco Fini, the grand goodbye. Then a few days later Fini led the ex Alleanza into the Freedom party.

As Mr Fini reminded us, constitutionally there is President Napolitano, Prime Minister Berlusconi, and then him. A clever, clever politician who has shed fascism and waits to take over now that Mr Berlusconi as nearly finished. he has brought a big sector of Italian politics and people back in the mainstream. And got rid of the Northern Leagues in the process. And declared that the new party is a lay party, that state and Church are separate. So he's pulled in a lot of anticlericals too who never could go for the old Christian Democrats.

Bill Quango MP said...

HG the problem with the 'IMF is just a sort of bank for rich countries that need a top up' spin is it would very easily be revealed for the complete disaster that it would be.

GB repeatedly told the country we were best placed to weather the storm, that started in America. If we were the only senior country to go begging, how would his watch on the bridge be viewed.
Cameron could just stand up, set up a projector on his side of the house and play Brown's boasts one PMQ's.
Then say "Mr Speaker..its over." And sit back down.

electro-kevin said...

So we're to solve a problem started by banks lending to people who couldn't afford to pay it back, by now lending to countries which can't afford to pay it back.

hatfield girl said...

Brass neck, brazen cheek will be shown and turned, BQ. They are all the time. The Evening Standard was reporting the former chief economist of the IMF expecting an approach from the UK whose economy is 'in big trouble'. Mr Putin remarked that it would be destabilising for everyone if a big country was allowed to go into default - too big to fail, again.

The New Labour problem is not going to the IMF, it's avoiding the consequences, either of the destruction of their client state and destruction of middle class consent by the removal of their living standards, and/or civil unrest.
The middle classes are going to lose a third of their wealth, on top of their losses already. suffered.

Of course much of this view is formed on an anecdotal and talking around basis, (though not all), but this week was the circus, how are they going to manage the bread part when the Budget data shows up there isn't any? They'll have to go to the IMF. The ceding of economic policy to the International Monetary Fund painted as an arm of the progressive governance of the global order is underway.

Goodness knows what Brown has paid for the international affirmation he thinks he received at the G20. Certainly a further couple of battalions for Afghanistan but at a guess, UK overseas bases and the furtherance of an EU military force by merging our forces formally into an EU command. (What was the US Secretary of State doing at the G20? I was surprised to see her there. NATO of course, but at Brown's Folly?)