Thursday, 16 April 2009

Show Us All What Sorry Means

If Angels belonged to the Labour party they would be in despair. If the Labour Movement doesn't get its skates on there won't be a Labour Movement shortly. The cowardice of the Parliamentary Labour Party in failing to oppose the Accession of the man now being widely and publicly exposed as a serial bully surrounded by a cabal cast in his image has left the whole Movement staring, as Frank Field said, into the abyss of lack of moral purpose.

Rank and file members of the Party, and supporters of the wider Movement, have reasonable excuse at the moment to declare they had no idea what had taken over their commitment and allegiance. At once they must take all steps to remove this cabal from their Party roles and power. Within the various wings of the Movement forceful expressions of rejection of Brown and his ministers must be made. All and any appointment and election within the Party structure should be determined on the basis of rejecting the current Parliamentary Labour Leadership. There should be a re-balancing of power within the Movement's sections. An emergency Party Conference should be called to determine how to restructure the Party in an egalitarian, democratic fashion. Doubtless others more familiar with the anti-democratic ills of the Labour party can think of further measures.

But if any credence is to be given to those Labour supporters who insist that there is still a moral aim and purpose to their Movement, if many supporters are not to be lost in the distressed drifting away in distaste that is going on wholesale now, there must be widespread and effective signs of fundamental change being engineered. And it must be obvious to all of us, not just behind closed Party doors.


Blue Eyes said...

Labour supporters have long known that this is the nature of the beast, but while the beast was implementing policies they half-approved of and were keeping the Evil Thatcher Tories out then all was tolerated.

Odin's Raven said...

Even the Unite members are turning against Brown according to yesterday's post on Plato Says

Also the football crowd booing Burnham when he mentioned Brown was encouraging.

Anonymous said...

movement? Movement? Why the respectful capitals? I don't think they deserve that degree of reverence, myself. I would be more tempted to use scare quotes - "movement".

Or perhaps more scurrilously, the word motion instead.

hatfield girl said...

Because, 8.28, there is a very wide national, international, historical, economic, social and cultural stance that is affiliated into a Movement. Formally affiliated through their own smaller organisations, like the co-operatives for instance, and embracing many good people and excellent aims.

The infiltration and take-over of many of these Movement affiliates, often with some wealth attached to them, often not moribund but sleepy, has helped the post-democratic 'progressive governance' tendency no end. A sort of political asset stripping has gone on.