Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Requiem for a SAAB 2000 Turbo

It is 2 years since my SAAB was driven to the crusher. Silver-grey, metallic aerodynamicism, leather seats, warmed by goodness knows what, house elves probably, that went up and down and backwards and forwards at the touch of the buttons, windows adjusting smoothly, cool, warm and hot air sprayed in any direction I chose, a sound system to sing for, room for a garden and two cats sleeping peacefully beneath the fronds to leave for a new life. All this and well over 200 kms an hour under the right foot with just a flicker of the calf muscles, or put it on cruise. It didn't even use much petrol, and no-one ever threatened to drive into it because SAABs don't just absorb other people's bad driving - they strike back, weight for weight of blow.

Sacrificed because even then there was a prop-up of the Italian car industry going on. Here it was cleverer of course. Not a cheap bribe of 2000 euros which would have left us all immovably wedded to our beautifully maintained Mercedes, BMWs, Maseratis, Ferraris, you name it. They ruled that we could not reach our houses in our cities in our cars.

No way will I walk when I want to drive my car and its passengers/car contents to my front door. So now we all have teeny, pretty short run vehicles with euro3 or euro4 classification, and we have lwb Landrovers and a spare Panda four wheel drive, and a couple of older mud bespattered vehicles for visitors (and they can walk into the historic centres of the capoluogi) and a van, and an intention to buy another cheap car if there's any shortage of private transport.

Just think of the cost of making all these vehicles that stand in for my beautiful, carefully polished and maintained, pre beastly General Motors, SAAB. All this waste is coming to England too, to keep some person in client state Sunderland on a production line mindless job.

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