Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Brown Canvasses for Blair EU Presidency in Poland [Blair na śniadanie Tuska z Brownem]

On the next leg of his masochism tour Gordon Brown, Labour Leader and unfortunately still prime minister of the United Kingdom, received what he deserves and seems to be seeking, this time from Poland's Prime Minister Tusk.

Brown, in his now standard body-language shouting down of any other speaker, pretended not to understand despite a first rate real time translation, as the prime minister of Poland explained that sensible and effective bank regulation ensuring they stuck to the rules, and not 'exaggerating with credit' had yielded 12 consecutive years of uninterrupted growth in Poland. The Polish prime minister condemned a culture of debt and pointed out the perils of excessive public borrowing to the man who failed to con the major economies of the world into a potentially disastrous 'fiscal stimulus package' at his 'summit' fiasco in London some weeks ago.

The United Kingdom, now in worse debt than after the Second World War, which it has not been fighting under Brown's Chancellorship or while he is Prime Minister, is now losing the Polish skilled tradesmen who replaced the missing million UK skilled workers who were not educated under New Labour's education policies.

Despite the feeling that you or I might have picked up that the Poles, while displaying their famed courtesy and good manners, were unimpressed by Brown's professional and political expertise, he did not hesitate to offer to his hosts advice on their economy, citing the London 'summit' as how things can best be done. He was then taken on a private tour of Auschwitz.

The Polish press are reporting that the primary purpose of Brown's visit was to press for Polish support for Blair to be President of the European Union (that is assuming the Lisbon Treaty is forced through. The Poles are holding out valiantly against it. ed.)


Odin's Raven said...

So the Poles won't be voting for Blair? Well done 'Gollum' Brown!

Elby the Beserk said...

Those Poles who are over here but are not working are staying; our benefits, you see - unemployment, child benefit, etc., are so much better than the equivalent in Poland.

Fantastic, the EU, isn't it?

Caronte said...

Great. But there is a lot more horse-trading going on in Warsaw today:

From today’s Gazeta Wyborcza: “Poland does not rule out offering its support to Mr Blair, but in return it wants Britain's backing for the candidature of a new Polish EU commissioner with a solid economic portfolio…”

“Poland 'wants something more' than just the budget portfolio, so the candidature of Janusz Lewandowski [Polish ex-Minister for Privatisation, Christian Democrat] seems dubious. According to Gazeta's sources, it is also unlikely that the government will want regional policy commissioner Danuta Huebner [a formidabile technician], who runs for a European Parliament seat in the June elections from the PO ticket, to stay for another term”.

Current Warsaw horse-trading involves also the Presidency of the European Parliament. Tusk would like former Polish Premier Jerzy Buzek for the post. This “will be one of the subjects of Warsaw's intergovernmental consultations, commencing this afternoon, with Silvio Berlusconi and his cabinet. The Italian prime minister does not agree to Mr Buzek and has instead been promoting Mario Mauro, the Europarliament incumbent vice-president.”

Much as I loath him, when it comes to horse trading I would put my money on the Italian Premier.

hatfield girl said...

The idea that Brown, that utterly discredited failure is running round Europe negotiating stuff like that, Caronte, makes me feel ill. At least Berlusconi is a popular, elected prime minister of his country.

People in England just don't seem to get how urgent it is to remove the regime. They keep saying 'we'll get them in 2010'. too late!