Monday, 17 November 2008

Buying What Can Still Be Found

It's not just the shadow-Chancellor. The chances of a sterling collapse have never been so high. Angels fly tomorrow in the hope of getting out what is still in London. If it turns out to be, as feared, too late, then there will be some very fine presents under the tree this Christmas from bagging the prettiest things before they all disappear. It feels appropriately socialist planned economy to be carrying an 'in case' case.


Electro-Kevin said...

I agree. My friends are talking about hoarding cash.

Fools !

hatfield girl said...

This is Sackerson's territory really but we're all trying to work out how to best use any bits of surplus.

MrHG was telling me earnestly as he took me to the train that 'it is still convertible you know. No need to feel everything must go'.

Still, things that are specifically English, portable, not subject to deterioration and fashion change, or even improve with age, might begin disappearing, or embody skills that could die out under severe, longterm recession. It's pointing to china (one historic maker went down only two weeks ago), watercolours, materials and papers, (the Florentines have lovely ones but they couldn't do glazed chintz to save their lives, and those glorious colours and manic jungly scenes and swirls and creatures are only to be found here), silver, fiarisle jumpers with the pearly buttons at the shoulder, and perhaps a tammy.... All the things that are expensive in ordinary times but now is the moment to choose just a few bits.

Bit of a restock in M and S too.