Friday, 28 November 2008

The Home Secretary is Ignorant and Powerless

When the Mayor of London dismissed Labour's police chief he made it plain that the Home Secretary was in office but not in power. She could no more raise a hand to stop Mr Johnson from ridding us of a politicised and dangerous officer, than stop a London bus.

Now there are denials at the highest levels that she knew anything of the arrest of a Member of Parliament and the Speaker's authorisation of the search of Parliamentary offices by anti-terrorist police, until it had been done.

We know who is running the Metropolitan Police.

Who is running the Home Office?

The pretend Home Secretary must resign.


Anonymous said...

Oh the Speaker authorised it did he?

Well there's a surprise.

Is there any part of the body politic that NuLab won't corrupt?

(/Rhetorical question)

Barnsley Bill said...

Britain is becoming more like V for vendetta as each day passes.
The cradle of democracy is cracked.

hatfield girl said...

Hello, BB. Lovely to see you.

I like 'the cradle of democracy is cracked.'

Every word carrying so many meanings and echoes.