Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Reality Has Turned Off the Motorway and Is Nearly Home

This dead-tired 'New Labour' regime is being retained in power for what, exactly? No amount of window dressing can hide the facts - the United Kingdom economy is being brought down by the worst Chancellor, and then usurper of Executive Leadership, ever. Global, global, global is just an excuse. Certainly the dangers to us all are coming from all directions. In that sense it is global, but epicentres'r'us.

Various political polling figures are confirming that it is just in Labour heartlands that there is any gain in support for Labour and its Leader. We know that proposed fiscal measures to be met by borrowing not by matching expenditure cuts are causing a massive withdrawal of funds from the United Kingdom economy and its faltering currency. We know that the years under Brown when London was not so much 'lightly regulated' as a haven for all the financial activities unregulated in the rest of the world are over. The President-elect has stated his intentions of pursuing financial secrecy centres and casinos very clearly.

Yes, it's November, and the State at least has invariably honoured its war dead, (even when Brown in Government was increasing their numbers by denying the financial resources to fight), so we are seeing the Head of State a lot. However the re-emergence from a marked absence in the last few years, outside of Remembrance Sunday, is noticeable. And looking well, interested and up-to-date too. Indeed, looking a lot better than the aging heir. The State is going to be in need of a Head quite soon.

There is the strange behaviour of the press - bigging-up a Prime Minister widely laughed-at, together with his Balls, by the City in the good years. And the even stranger behaviour of the Conservative party. Opposition is not a word to be applied to the Conservatives. They are doing the absolute minimum, and even less, to avoid an obituary in the Brown-boosting Times. Not to speak of European Union cries of acclaim, which are particularly odd when it is remembered that the eurozone has very different agendas from what could, at a last gasp, be called the sterling area.

There is something horrid around Brown. Not silence, more a lulling, to facilitate an ordered withdrawal. There is a great deal to be withdrawn after the London party.

Then the hosts, us, can be left to clear up our house.


Sackerson said...

I'd like to turn off the motorway, but I can't find the switch.

How's your back, Land Army Girl?

hatfield girl said...

I am reading brochures on agricultural machinery with an interest matched only by the fate of the Pound, S.

There is a dear little half-tracked vehicle for going up and down stepped hillsides....I wonder if it runs on olive oil?

Patrickvashon said...

How do people in your area view the election of Barack Obama?
I live in the state of Washington in the U.S.A.

hatfield girl said...

Big posters up in the village with smiling picture of Mr Obama and a message of welcome.

Mr Berlusconi's view is famous.

Holborn and St P. is not saying, but those I know are thrilled.