Monday, 24 November 2008

Centenarian Holes Brown in One

"Some claim that human societies merely express, through their mythology, fundamental feelings common to the whole of mankind, such as love, hate, or revenge or that they try to provide some kind of explanations for phenomena which they cannot otherwise understand—astronomical, meteorological, [economic, ed.] and the like. But why should the societies do it in such elaborate and devious ways, when all of them are also acquainted with empirical explanations?"

I m convinced that Levi Strauss was thinking of Gordon Brown when he wrote the Savage Mind.

Though as the Master is 100 this week, perhaps Brown is a throwback.


Sackerson said...

I preferred his jeans.

hatfield girl said...

We all wear the jeans, S. They were some kind of relation - cousin no doubt. Cousin covers such a multitude of sins (or social relationships as sin is known these days).

There's that weird Powell/Strauss name pronunciation problem too.