Sunday, 30 November 2008

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

English democracy stands on the edge of an open grave. For eleven years it has been forced to dig, shovelling enabling legislation, with sweeping powers that can be made operative by Executive decree, through its Parliament. Protesting bitterly it has been forced to hollow out its own resting place and install the apparatus of European Union administrative governance. Steadily it has been backed towards the edge facing the firing squad manned by the men and women of New Labour.

The surrounding people who armed New Labour know nothing, see nothing, have no idea, never imagined, are just getting on with their lives, believe in the Labour Movement as a force for good both for themselves and for the decent and ordinary in the country.

What matters is a job, a house, and a chance for the kids. The sounds of firing in the woods? Nothing to do with them.


Bill Quango MP said...

Not all of them.
Cab ride and chat on Friday.
Cabbie from Yorkshire says its this global recession.Stated in America..not the fault of the government. Its the banks. Them city types have caused all this debt by going bust. tax em all. tax them 70%.Its only fair.
Gordon Brown has done his best..useless Tories.The debt figures aren't real money anyway. George Bush caused the problems..etc

A the end I said 2so,you'll be voting Labour again then?"

"No bloody way. That man's plain weird.He can't do nowt.I'm voting BNP"


hatfield girl said...

New Labour will be coming to an accommodation with the BNP. They are doing so already.

Sounds of firing continue as new set of victims is lined up.