Thursday, 13 November 2008

Once More Without Any Feeling At All

I was about to write on the bestiality of Brown but paused to check with a couple of sources. Even the beasts of the field (and forest, jungle, savannah, seas...) have emotions, feelings, empathy, theory of mind. We are brothers (and sisters).

But not with Brown. He doesn't work properly. It isn't clear why, nature or nurture, or even if not working properly is a status awarded by a current, condemnatory cultural stance, that will be forced to give way to acclaiming the Brown-like amongst us. That will be impossible for Angels; the visceral disgust response to Brown suggests it's hard-wired into the warm, affectionate, compassionate, kind, responsive, emotionally literate. What used to be called the Good.

In Brown's world and that of his kind, we will be hunted down and behaviourally conditioned until we stop it.


Electro-Kevin said...

I think I tend towards autism and I recognise this trait in Brown. Mine manifests itself in the very opposite way to his though.

Either way it can lead to social awkwardness.

hatfield girl said...

The Doctor is IN

Right Snoops, I mean E-K. When did you start the nose-picking bogey eating on television? And how did you feel going to the City posh dinner and telling the world what the President of the United States should be doing? Was it important to you that you be seen as Chancellor of the Exchequer to the World? Does your dirty, dishevelled dress have a message for us all and if so what is it?

Autism is a spectrum and we all sit on it somewhere. No wonder you can feel like the rest of us. The problem is that Brown is unable to do just that. Autism placement is not his problem. He's simply utterly vile.

lilith said...

Patients of mine have an autistic grandchild that they adore. He doesn't do any of those things either HG. And I have been charmed by Aspergic youngsters myself. My own girl says she scores high on the scale. Brown's problem is not his autism, it is his sociopathology. If he were a dog other dogs would spontaneously attack him.

hatfield girl said...

I'm practising the Italian for 'Good morning. Do you loathe Gordon Brown?' L. Villagers may be a little surprised but I'm sure they'll rally and give a robust response.

I'm expecting great things next week in Bloomsbury. I thought I might ask there about Berlusconi; there'll be some rallying on him I expect.

Mind you, Brown beats Berlusconi into a cocked hat for abuse attraction.

Much abuse here is blasphemous rather than obscene. Any particularly fine expressions on Brown's relations with the Madonna or the Holy Father will be reported back.

Electro-Kevin said...

"Autism placement is not his problem. He's simply utterly vile."

Like I said - I'm the very opposite. :-))

There is a form of telepathy which goes on in our social interactions - most of what we say is unsaid. Brown seems unable to read people nor be able to project any normal human quality.

I took a test recently which seemed to account for the disparity between my respectable IQ (130) and my inability to communicate anything remotely sensible in real life.

I hide my intelligence very well !

I smile a lot and ask lots of questions to hide the fact that I don't know very much at all.

Anonymous said...

Is that Holy Father Blair or the Pope? I get so confued these days...