Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Elby's Post On Guido Lifted From Lilith's Blog

Elby the Beserk said...

So I'm walking the dog this morning, and meet a runner I occasionally see on this our regular walk. Woods, river, beautiful Somerset.

Usually he runs past and we exchange hellos. This morning, he stops, and says to me

"Do you hate Gordon Brown?"

Like that. Out of the blue.

"Yes", sez I, "indeed, I loath the man and and wish him all manner of ill".

He laughs and says "It's not particular his politics. It's HIM".

Spot on mate. You, me, and much of the rest of the country. That's why all these opinion polls make me laugh - they completely miss the point.

Gordon. Just stop breathing, mate, and do us all a favour.

Word ver : "murbrie"

Scottish for not being able to extract your head from your arse.

E.G. "I'm in a right murbrie today"
Posted by lilith at 17:19


Bill Quango MP said...

Same thing happened to me. Bloke came up to me in Starbucks in yeovil and said "Do you hate gordon brown?"
"Yes" says I.
"good, you bloody well should...goodbye"

maybe it was the same man.

hatfield girl said...

It could be a standard greeting, BQ.

'Morning, really hating Gordon Brown well today' or

'Morning do you think Gordon Brown's a ....[enter whatever you think of him today]

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...


Those skillful musicians, 'The Wurzels' had a 'hit' with a song entitled 'I HATE JR', a few years ago.

Job done, change the title!

hatfield girl said...

Can't go about singing in the morning to passers-by though Scrobs, they might think one odd.

Though odd is the new black these days. And oddness displayed in the House of Commons is the blackest of blacks.

lilith said...

Bill, I don't think it was the same guy. More likely it is the start of a spontaneous grass-roots outpouring of sentiment. If we all asked one stranger, once or twice a week, the same question, we might find it enlightening.

Anonymous said...


Never heard it.

I think it must be Doric, not Scottish.

Do you have ancestors from Aberdeen by any chance?

Steve Hemingway said...

We all hate Gordon because he lacks any trace of humanity. Whether it is PMQs or radio or TV interviews he shows total contempt for the questioner and answers a totally different question. At least Tony showed a glimmer of self-awareness.

One of the many other reasons we hate him, is that terrible paedo-smile.