Thursday, 6 November 2008

Dreary Steeples of New Labour

The excitement, the verve, the joyous celebration of the change that the electorate of the Unites States has chosen has not overshadowed our ugly old regime's test at the polls today as much as they had hoped. Ever unwilling to have their grim unpopularity put to the vote, they had wanted the possibility of losing a heartlands safe seat hidden by other events.

Instead, as they grind out the same old lies, the same old cant about fairness and hard-working families and how nothing is their fault - all this to people whose lives have been on low-level hold for years as a result of New Labour's tax farming and crushing of opportunity - a shining contrast, and a measure of the weight of the New Labour dead hand, forces itself through their media narrative.

Glenrothes electors have the chance the majority of us have been denied for years today. Vote. Vote for the change we all want and you can choose.

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