Friday, 21 November 2008

Feeling Financially Faint

New Labour's economy and financial system is clearly over the edge of the cliff and peddling air. The petty recoveries against dollar and euro have spent themselves. The rate against the euro is now so poor it's best just to spend pounds here, though what happens when the desirable goods run out? Do we start buying whatever is available and then bartering for others' hoarded goods? After all, we have so many other aspects of eastern Europe's sad, 'planned' economies. Yesterday at Marks and Spencer was revelatory; people cramming entire racks of basic, good value M and S staples into trolleys. Someone might need two dozen plain white cotton mens' vests in Large if leaving for colonial service, but we don't do that any more. It was so noticeable that the shelf-stripping was not of the exotic or fashionable or M and S's idea of trendy, but of the serviceable, the absolutely standard.

Everyone was in Marks. Yes they had 20% off, but so did other shops which were as empty as those without. I'm going to the Tottenham Court Road tomorrow to get a computer and things before there's only old stock or no stock as the pound fails. What an appalling, unmitigated mess. So unnecessary. We could have had a decent bit of redistribution and social investment without wreaking this havoc. We did under MacMillan and under Ken Clarke. That'll teach us to install a spavined mule in office for eleven years.

Still, went for a new hairstyle this morning. Short and very shiny - like a glistening helmet (some underlying martial spirit showing itself perhaps). It's all very well having hair that can be put up, tied well back for the summer in all the heat, but it's jolly severe in face-pinching winter cold. And while they do cut hair beautifully in Italy, there is always that touch of exaggeration, that 'lit up like the Pontevecchio' (but for hair) aspect to their styling. London does it, but with proper English restraint. So if you see a passing angel with a shining casque of hair, carrying a bagful of fairisle jumpers and some Spode, on the number 7, say Hello.


Calfy said...

:-) A nice finishing touch to a gloomy post. In this household we're devoting a cupboard to rice and lentils.

hatfield girl said...

Tomato concentrate in tetrapacks is good too. And in WC1 we've got tetrapacks of water as well. That has gone off a few times for an hour or so without warning or explanation. After which we tend to fill the kettle not from the taps for a bit.