Thursday, 6 November 2008

Teaching Brown Some Manners

President-Elect Obama does not plan to attend the global economic summit in Washington called by President Bush for 15 November:

"The one thing he is not going to do is let anyone think he's undermining the president," said Gregory Craig, who has advised Obama on foreign policy. "There's only one president, and he'll take pains to make sure nothing he does is taken as undermining President Bush."

So much for the Illustrious Leader and Saviour of the World As We Know It and his public call for the newly elected president to act at once and not wait until January when he takes office.


Old BE said...

That is the difference between Gordon Brown and the Americans. American politicians of all hues respect the constitution, Brown thinks the constitution is just a game to be played with to keep him in power as long as possible. It is odd, considering that Brown used to holiday in the States every year, how little he seems to understand of its culture.

hatfield girl said...

The speech by Senator Macain was exemplary - both personally and politically - as he called on Republicans as Americans to set aside the confontations of the election and act for their country under their President.

It is a particular characteristic of the disadvantage that Brown labours under that he doesn't grasp what is going on, but all of New Labour are ill-mannered and self-seeking. The idea of putting our country first isn't even present in their political vocabulary at surface level, never mind part of their thinking.