Friday, 13 March 2009

Australia a Tier 2 Nation, As Are Canada, Russia and Mexico According to the Foreign Office

The United Kingdom Foreign Office has circulated a confidential paper relegating Australia, Canada, and Russia, [how much of the world's landmass is that, 50%? Natural resources, 60%? ed.] to second division status countries at the G20 summit.

Issued to some PR agencies, it says that the UK should focus lobbying efforts on 11 “high-priority states” such as the US, France, China, India and Saudia Arabia. (Evening Standard)

Some of the world's biggest economies are given a “Tier 2” status although a Foreign Office spokesman insisted the list was “absolutely not a firm hierarchy of the most important states for our political relations”. [which is fortunate as we now have no political relations with them at all, and we can add Mexico to the list, ed.]

“High priority” nations had been targeted for lobbying on the basis of the health of their media, civil society, non-governmental organisations and sovereign wealth funds. [well, yes, both Saudi Arabia and China have, how shall we put this?, distinctive media and civil societies, though the word 'health' is not the first to arise in any free association, ed.]

William Hague stated : “The downgrading of some participants before they have even set foot in London sends completely the wrong message.” [under-egging the pudding there Bill, ed.]


The Herald reports that Turkey is on the B-list as well. [Does the Foreign Office have maps? ed.]


it's either banned or compulsory said...

These people really do know how to insult our natural allies, and we thought Obama might have been a bit rude to Gordon with his poxy DVDs.

Nomad said...

One merely wonders where the UK now fits on the lists of the countries mentioned - and if we'll ever get promoted again!

Bill Quango MP said...

I don't think its that serious.
Its just a mechanism that allows the FO to decide if a counties representatives should get a historic pencil case, some flowers from Tescos or a collection of Lidl DVD's.
It appears Mexico has been downgraded to a bunch of Daffs and a Walker's crisps bumper assortment pack.

hatfield girl said...

Diplomatic they ain't, Banned.

UK gets the box of Lidl cds, Nomad. New Labour doesn't understand about courtesy does it. They just eff and blind their pushy way towards the nearest goal.

How seriously should we take the Foreign Office, BQ? The US seems to be seriously cross about Miliband tinkering about in the Middle East with Hezbollah.

Odin's Raven said...

Please will the CIA kidnap Milliband and take him to Guamtanamo to interrogate him as a terrorist! Ha Ha Ha!