Monday, 9 March 2009

Getting Gordon to Apologise Is Not Enough

What we want from Gordon is not apology. No matter how modern our use of the word it always contains some trace of defensiveness , of explanation.

What we want is contrition. And we want it perfect -
interior, supernatural, universal, and sovereign.

We want him to mean it, not just express it.
We want it because he knows he has offended the Good, not because he fears loss of honour or power, or fortune.
We want him contrite for all of it, everything he has done.
We want him resolved never to do it again.

New Labour New Thought Police? They don't even know where to start.


electro-kevin said...

Contrition ? Fat chance.

Such divisions are why wars are fought. Fools are we that we think such things have gone out of fashion.

hatfield girl said...

Contrition or division E-K? Expertise in evincing the first and practising the second can be assured.

There was a truly scary picture of the son of the manse held in the basilisk gaze of the Vicar of Christ, when Gordon thought to hype his image with a Vatican photo opportunity.