Sunday, 29 March 2009

Focusing on Summit Imagery

“The problem we face is that the official group photo will contain upwards of 30 mainly unrecognisable people,” said one official. “It will not resonate with ordinary people or sum up what this meeting is all about. So we are making sure that we set up the right close-up shots.”

'It is understood that at the main summit meeting, the prime minister will be placed between Obama and China’s president, Hu Jintao. No 10 hopes the resultant pictures of the “big three” will symbolise the idea of Brown - having assumed the role of Europe’s leader - bringing together the two other pillars of the new world order, the United States and China.

Brown is a keen student of the second world war and friends believe he is eager for this week’s London meeting to be compared favourably to the 1945 Yalta summit of Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt which determined the postwar order.' (Sunday Times).


Nomad said...

The Three Stooges would therefore be my entry for your caption competition.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

How many in the gratefull world recognised Mr Brown as he trolled them recently ?

TBR said...

That's almost hilarious. If it weren't true.

Elby the Beserk said...

Love the picture. Was in Stalin's family home in Gori when in the USSR in 1968. Many such pictures. Occasionally one with Vlad most definitely in the background, maybe peering over a shoulder.

There was a huge slogan on a rock face over the Transcaucasian Military Highway (the longest piece of metalled road bay a long stretch down that way, at least until most of it got washed away), reading


Georgia was however a huge relief after the Prague-clampdowned Moscow. Street culture, lovely food, sun and a Turkish feel.

Dreadful pictures though, those hero of the revolution genre ones. Am sure shit-for-brains Brown would like to be portrayed so. I long ago wondered whether he might be a Soviet sleeper who was so useless he woke up 20 years late. He is clearly incompetent in every field of life, so ... who knows?

We've been 'oop North, not too far for where I was dragged up, to see Calfy and the family for whom she is governessing. Lovely weekend, and all well. Fresh winds and wild rain yesterday, but frosty, clear and even warm in the sun this morning. Good to get away. Sentencing April 6th. Salt mines? Northwich is not far away, on the Cheshire plain, so we could visit.

Van has four new windows. Next, to discuss the electrics with our caravan buff across the road, sweet bloke who knows what to do with cars and wires.

I don't.