Sunday, 15 March 2009

Babysitting Gordon

The sensation that the Prime Minister is under supervision by the Great Powers is very strong. This period of time is Germany's responsibility; the Germans have taken over from the United States, who had him handed on by the French.

Each Power is permitted to recoup some of the personal distaste and public insult involved in the effort by a gain for their national interest. France obtained nuclear power industry commitments and contracts that provide both disposal facilities for their nuclear waste and opportunities for their nuclear plant construction sector. The United States wrung further and public commitment to fiscal indebtedness, the continued unquestioning holding of US Treasury Bonds, plus massive taxpayer funding leaking to US banks. Germany has, at a guess, obtained funding for the car industry that can so help the current German government's election prospects. Nothing like a subsidy from Mandelson towards your next new motor, particularly German-built motor. A Schadenfreude aspect to policy cannot be dismissed either.

Brown's compliance, avid assistance in, the looting of the United Kingdom is unrivalled behaviour in an advanced capitalist country. The peculiar combination of personal stupidity and hubris, an authoritarian Party with old-style socialist redistributive and social control tendencies posturing as universal morality, the sophisticated apparatus of a modern state, and gross levels of corruption for personal gain in the political elites, is a first time occurrence. Losing any of these factors will turn the tap off in the looting of one of the richest countries on Earth.

Gordon has a lot of people willing to put up with him.

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