Monday, 2 March 2009

Jettatore Jets In

Washington under a foot of snow, the Dow collapses to 1997 levels. Perhaps someone could grant Brown a licence? He's going to need to earn a living soon.


Raedwald said...

There's a form of Indian blackmail in which a truly repulsive individual takes up residence outside one's home, and will only move upon the payment of a substantial sum.

Perhaps Gordon could try something similar on retirement; "Oh Hello, this is Gordon Brown. Look, I was thinking of coming to your wedding on Saturday to raise funds for the Brown Foundation .... not necessary? ......You'll make a substantial donation? Well, I'm deeply obliged .."

hatfield girl said...

Every culture has the concept of a jonah. Anthropologists look for such concepts present in every culture - sort of universal aspects that mark humanity.

The notion of the jonah effect seems to be hardwired into us. All of us perceive the effect. If we all think it's there, then is it there? My philosophy isn't hard-wired unfortunately.

Nick Drew said...

you're doing your best, HG

wv = hypet

(greek, perchance ? a salutation perhaps)

hatfield girl said...

Answer the question ND! You know you can.

(And best is not good enough, sadly. It is a great misunderstanding that doing one's best is as good as doing the job. Think driving a T90S.)

These wv's: who is controlling them? We all think them peculiarly apposite.

roym said...

i bet he still gets a gig on the lecture circuit. sigh

godless said...

nothing to add but wordver too tempting to let pass by:


ps if we all think it's there then the part of the brain that delivers that belief is definitely there and might be an interesting object of scientific inquiry. Whether our intuitive understanding of the world matches up with reality is a separate question.

Odin's Raven said...

Will he really need to earn a living? Even if he loses his parliamentary seat,(Go SNP, you can do it!)he will surely have a very nice parliamentary pension. How rich is he already? There was a vague rumour that he already has several million. Perhaps there may even be further gifts from admirers, although probably less succulent than the pork handed to Blair. He could probably afford to frequent the same international watering holes as the bankers with whom he has such a love/hate relationship.

hatfield girl said...

'Whether our intuitive understanding of the world matches up with reality is a separate question.'

There you have it, Godless. Have we all an intuitive understanding of the world? Yes, we must have or we wouldn't be able to make sense of anything, including each other. Some of us (she added darkly) are markedly less intuitive than others. But do we create reality because we all share the same intuitions about it, even if some of us wear our trousers tucked into our socks and are recognised as not very good at it. Or are some of us just better at understanding a reality that stands free of us, so to speak, and communicating to others and acting within that reality?

What have people who have lost it, lost? Reality or our creation?


hatfield girl said...

Raven, how will he fare with his pension and savings reduced to wheelbarrow loads by printing money? We know he sold all the gold (though that irritates me less than it does some) so he won't have any of that. The only way any of us can survive is to be economically active and rewarded. Who would want to activate him ever again?

Pensions don't work anymore. Nor lots of cash.