Monday, 30 March 2009

The Home Secretary Must Resign

Watching pornographic films on parliamentary expenses leads the French papers.

Once the First Lady of France regretted that she does not attend G20 meetings there is no further interest in it.

The Home Secretary's husband's perversions (and those of whoever else might have been watching the films with him in her 'second' home ) are much more interesting. The French are falling about laughing.

The Prime Minister's reaction is not funny at all.

Asked at a press conference in 10 Downing Street whether he still had confidence in Ms Smith, who is already under investigation for claiming second home expenses on her family house in her Redditch constituency while living as a lodger with her sister in London, (Telegraph) Mr Brown said:

"The Home Secretary is doing a great job and I do not think this issue should be allowed to detract from everything she is doing to ensure we protect the public and keep our neighbourhoods safe. [Women are not safe, Brown, nor are neighbourhoods or 50% of the general public safe, not counting children, when films that degrade and objectivise others as instruments of sexual gratification are being broadcast into the Home Secretary's living room (even that of her taxpayer purchased second house) at taxpayers' expense, as a matter of course.]

"She has done the right thing by taking steps to rectify the mistake that was made as soon as she became aware of it." [This was not a mistake, Brown. Engaging in the exploitation of women is vice, not error. 'Whatever blows your frock up' is a widespread attitude but it does not extend to the vicious cruelties of the sexual exploitation of others for profit.]

Mr Brown continued: "This is very much a personal matter for Jacqui. [No, Brown, this is a public matter of fraudulent use of Parliamentary allowances we all fund for the better working of our democracy, and the condoning of repellent and violent treatment of others that encourages the extension of attitudes and behaviour that threaten women and the very young.] She has made her apology, [What has she aplogised for? Was she there too?] her husband has made clear that he has apologised. [So what? To borrow a phrase.]

"The best thing is that Jacqui Smith gets on with her work, which is what she wants to do." [No, the best thing is that Jacqui Smith recognises the enormity and vulgarity of her actions in both the claims she has made on the public purse: the charging of a back bedroom in south London as if it were a large detatched house in the Midlands, and the enjoyment of perverse and exploitative imagery while pretending to pursue a policy of the protection of all the members of our society.]

The French may think it funny, but they have le cinque a sept or are are surprised in le galante compagnie, not this despicable behaviour.


Sackerson said...

If she spent more time with her husband, he probably wouldn't be watching the mucky movies.

Calfy said...

Great. Well said. Agree with the last caller completely. Also reminds me to get some French newspapers to read in class.

Bill Quango MP said...

John Major must be laughing himself to sleep. revenge..cold..etc

Nomad said...

I can see your handmaidens sharpening the pitchforks as you type!

Dennis said...

Sackerson, that might be true. On the other hand, speaking as an amateur connoisseur of feminine pulchritude, I can assure you that it is probably not.

Anyhoo the rumour is now that he was watching gay porn, which changes the dynamic altogether!

Can this lot get any worse?

Anonymous said...

If disgracing your office were still a resigning matter, half the government would be gone.

This lot will cling onto power and perks until their cold dead hands are peeled off the levers.

430 days to do, or whatever it is.

And counting.

Nick Drew said...

I've stuck up the fisk, HG - at C@W here, but feel free ...!

hatfield girl said...

Oh thank you ND. I've just got back to the house, walked along the seafront - lots of yots, and harbour lights and palms - so first thing tomorrow I will give it its own post here as well, and any thoughts after reading what was offered in provocation.

(There was this orange, concentrated sort of tabasco-like condiment thingy to dip the fish in, amazing, preceded by snail stew! I didn't dare but braver diners noted that the snails were rare enough to still be noticeably wearing their horns. Normally quite abstemious friends were gulping drafts of cold white and closing their eyes as their forks neared their mouths.)

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Heard anything from sister host about him turning her house into a sin and depravity den ?