Sunday, 1 March 2009

No Platform

The reasons America is giving countenance to an unelected, spectacularly corrupt, monumental failure of a Prime Minister and moral shambles of a man can only be one of these:

Payment for past favours

Payment in advance for future favours

The Obama presidency is a seamless continuation of the previous presidency

The Obama presidency is as corrupt and unrepresentative of the American people as the previous presidency though with different objectives

The Obama presidency is too weak to control strands within American governance that continue former presidency policies and values

Americans so like and admire Gordon Brown they wish to honour him

Americans do not know or care what Brown has done to our country

Not good, any of it. Particularly when we think of how Brown denied the proper arming of our troops thus letting down not just them but our allies. When we think how the unregulated financial casino he encouraged in London has contributed greatly to the economic and financial damage suffered by many ordinary Americans as well as English people. When we think of New Labour's, and Brown's personal, opposition to the ending of tax 'havens' and secret banking and the immense burden these policies put upon those least able to support it. When we think of the anti-democratic example he offers in refusing to face election in our country. When we think of the propaganda uses to which the New Labour regime will put Brown's reception in America.

Why, Americans, are you offering your hand to Brown? He will take it and you must have heard what his hands are covered with.


Anonymous said...

One has to ask - not entirely rhetorically - how many Americans actually know who Broon is...

They probably think "just another insignificant foreign dignitary needing to be photographed with the Prez for domestic reasons of no interest to the US."

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I am completly at a loss to understand why America is honouring Brown in allowing him to bore their combined houses.
At the very least it is cheapening the honour.
Churchill was crucial in winning WW2, Thatcher helped see off the Evil Empire, Blair was a loyal ally in policing the world, what has Brown done to stand alongside Lech Walesa and Nelson Mandela?

Perhaps they just want someone to blame, later.